Imagine the city you love, the iconic symbols of the town, the Capitol and Tower Bridge,'s dark, cloudy,'s setting in that you are alone. Or are you?

A virus has taken over. You realize this may be the apocalypse. You are really living this. You think, "This can’t be happening. This only happens in movies." And suddenly, you hear shuffling. You turn around as it gets louder and louder. You see a group of people and get excited that you aren't alone in this. Little do you know, you have no friends. These beings are not your friends.

They get closer and closer. You see blood, torn clothing, bite marks, hanging flesh...You think, "What is going on?" They are coming straight for you and they are not stopping. They have an agenda.

You start running slowly; at first just a jog. But these beings are a little faster than you thought. You start running faster. You keep looking behind you...these are Zombies!!

You must run for your life!

Where do you go? Where do you hide?

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